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14 September 2021
undefinedPermianChain Supplier enables exploration and production (E&P) companies to unlock value from proven energy resources while offering a bridge between E&P companies and registered exempt market dealers (EMDs). It delivers access to potential capital sources without adding to the administrative burden. Our platform helps E&P companies catalogue, manage and create new forms of value from pro...
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07 September 2021
undefinedPermianChain Miner, part of the PermianChain platform, offers bitcoin and other cryptocurrency miners access to consistent, low-cost electricity that is generated on site at energy projects, mainly on natural gas production sites. It is an environmental and socially responsible solution to the global energy consumption problem created by bitcoin and other crypto mining activity that also ...
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29 March 2021
undefinedThere’s a lot of very excited talk about non-fungible tokens (NFTs)The best place to start would be a brief explanation about NFTsThe process that has led to the creation of crypto started decades ago, but it began to coalesce into its current guise just over a decade ago with the delivery of bitcoinA bitcoin is basically a string of computer syntax that gives a person ownership of the in...
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10 February 2021
undefinedThe blockchain was first used to support that most practical of activities: buying a takeaway pizza. Since then, it’s been through several development stages but, in many ways, much of this activity has focused on cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency’s sake, with attention devoted on the highs and lows of the price of key currencies. That’s all well and good, but the blockchain also has the ...
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20 January 2021
The last few months have changed a great many things in a great many ways. Industries of all kinds have been struggling in ways that they could not have foreseen, but one sector that seems to continue to thrive is crypto-miningWith much of the world on lockdown, online sales have become the norm, even for people that had previously preferred to shop in person than go online. While numbers are stil...
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19 January 2021
What stage has PermianChain reached?PermianChain is built around four blocks that perform different functions and support the different user groups we are aiming to support. These foundation blocks are: PermianChain Investor, PermianChain Dealer, PermianChain Supplier and PermianChain Miner. As we come into 2021, all four blocks are around 99% complete and our target is to have them ready for full...
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14 November 2020
undefinedThe eyes of the world are back on the digital currency bitcoin, and with prices currently enjoying giddy highs, many of us are wondering whether it’s time to take the plunge and get involved. But there’s a problem: with prices rising, buying bitcoin is getting more expensive by the day, so is there a way to get involved in the sector without extensive knowledge and at a sensible price? An...
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