PermianChain enables you to become a crypto-miner

Work with PermianChain to access institutional-grade crypto-mining tools

PermianChain provides cryptocurrency mining management solutions for a variety of audiences. We make it simple to do it yourself or to take a stake in industrial grade data centres alongside prominent institutional investors.

The economies of scale that we generate, coupled with our relationships and know-how, mean that we can host cryptocurrency mining servers onsite at oil and gas projects on behalf of miners. Powering the servers with field-generated electricity means miners can generate cryptocurrencies at a low cost

Managed Mining Solutions

We can guide you through the process of joining our managed cryptocurrency mining pool, creating a headache-free cryptocurrency mining business which is a simple way to generate income.

Income generation

Purchase a data mining server and our team will place it at a co-location data centre. The processing power generated can be rented out and the crypto rewards converted into dollars or other fiat currencies.

Mining management

Our approach ensures proper onsite equipment management at partner-sites in Canada, China and the U.S. Diligent treasury solutions ensure rewards are stored safely and rewards delivered appropriately.

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