Start your own crypto-currency mining business alongside prominent institutional investors using industrial-grade data centers.

PermianChain provides blockchain and cryptocurrency mining management solutions to just about everybody. For a fraction of the cost you can now own your own cryptocurrency mining business alongside prominent institutional investors using industrial grade data centers

Through our partnerships with oil and gas teams we can access undervalued natural gas resources across Canada and the U.S. to generate sustainable and low-cost electricity allowing higher profits and quicker payback

With increased efficiency and technical know-how our team can host cryptocurrency mining servers to generate Bitcoins [and other cryptocurrencies] at a fraction of the cost that is usually considered in normal circumstances. We have economies of scale and the operational know-how that allows you to simply, make more money!

Get Started

Do-it-Yourself Mining

After completing steps 1 and 2, a PermianChain representative will be in touch with you to follow up on your project and get you all set up to start tracking and managing your very own cryptocurrency mining business.

Managed Mining Solutions

How it works

You can now participate in our managed cryptocurrency mining pool to enjoy a headache-free cryptocurrency mining business. If you are someone who just wishes to own a piece of digital real estate, then we can guide you through it.

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