Streamlining the Power-Chain under a Blockchain Integrated Framework

PermianChain Technologies, a blockchain solutions provider, is introducing the Permian Token (XPR), a crypto asset-class that will…Read More

Permian Holding is set to monetize oil assets viaPermianChain Technologies, its blockchain-based start-up and the move to ensure Sharia…Read More

PermianChain Technologies is introducing the Permian Token (XPR), a crypto asset-class that will underpin holding rights to the value…Read More

PermianChain has been designed to augment the way that firms across the oil and gas sector interact and trade. The platform takes…Read More

PermianChain Technologies has launched the prototype of its platform for trading potential oil and gas reserves that have yet to be…Read More

Questions have been raised time and again about the future of Blockchain IPOs as Security Token Offerings (STOs) and people related…Read More

Blockchain technology may have gotten its start by keeping cryptocurrency traders honest, but its usefulness is expanding. And the…Read More

The Blockchain Research Institute today announced its newest ‘Pioneer’ member, a membership category reserved for new companies that…Read More

While Blockchain has permeated across most industries, the oil and gas sector has yet to fully embrace this new technology from either…Read More

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