Making natural gas cleaner, providing power 
to the blockchain and enhancing the circular economy

The challenge

US$900 billion stranded energy assets and US$16 billion natural gas wasted each year

Resource extraction projects often flare natural gas or leave it stranded due to the lack of funding or lack of available infrastructure necessary to get it to market economically.

Digital-asset mining demands increasing power

Meanwhile, Digital-asset mining projects are often too expensive to proceed because the cost of power is too high to enhance efficiency and maintain uptime.

The solution

PermianChain works with third party operators to register and tokenize natural gas resources that has been converted into affordable power (kWh) to supply electricity to data centres on-site.

Environmental impact is reduced and innovation is encouraged.

The benefits

New revenue from wasted/stranded energy

The natural resource project gets a new revenue stream from a previously wasted and stranded energy resources.

Driving down the cost of power

The digital-asset mining project enjoys access to affordable power.

Making it simple for the oil and gas sector to trade efficiently, reducing costs and attracting new investors

The oil and gas sector is phenomenally complex. Natural resources need to be sourced from producers, transported, stored, blended and delivered

A myriad of organisations are involved during the supply and refinement process creating a complex flow of information.

Disruption is common and adds cost, but the blockchain could enhance information flow, speeding up the process and reducing waste and cost.

PermianChain’s blockchain-based gas-to-power marketplace lets users buy and sell field-generated power quickly and efficiently.

Information flows transparently between stakeholders, reducing waste and helping bring down the cost of both trade and power.

Read our Digital Energy Currency white paper to learn more about how PermianChain is
tokenizing natural gas resources to power blockchain computing for a circular economy

In this short video, Alex Tapscott, co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute, offers his explanation of how PermianChain works and its role in bringing the oil and gas sector into the digital era.

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