Introducing Oil & Gas 4.0

Streamlining the Power-Chain under a Blockchain Integrated Framework

Investor Relations Management Portal

A dedicated dashboard allowing shareholder participation into a new-generation blockchain-integrated oil & gas business-model. Streamlined on a seamless user-interface to include features such as data charting, progress of underlying reserves, key performance indicators (KPIs), data center performance, exit facility and more…

Oil & Gas 4.0 Business Model Enabler

A platform merging and consolidating upstream companies under a compliant digital securities framework allowing them to; (1) gain access to alternative capital sources, (2) unlock business models to optimize revenues and (3) regain focus on development, production and conservation of proven reserves.

Smart Off-Take Agreements (SOTA)

Smart Off-Take Agreements (SOTA) allowing oil & gas traders to buy reserves through rapid order processing, digital currency payments and tracking production progress from the oilfield to the end consumer.

Benefits of the PermianChain

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