Our Services (the 4-C's)

Consult, Conserve, Convert & Capitalize to unlock digital oil & gas business-models.

Asset Tokenization

Digitalizing the value of natural resources assets through a process called Tokenization. Tokenization allows for assets to be represented in a digital form as smart contracts on a blockchain network. The Tokenization process allows issuers and asset owners to issue a digital representation of their assets (i.e. securities, real estate, land, royalties, etc..) – similar to the traditional securitization process, but with blockchain-enabled functions that allow for instant settlement, reducing long-holding periods, instils transparency, and allows for digital automation of the entire transaction process.

Data Center Management (DCM)

Through our partners we provide data center management solutions to energy companies allowing them to make use of their natural gas sources to optimize revenues. Using our Digital Conservation Solution (DCS) solution to operate cryptocurrency mining farms and high-performance data centers. Our Data Center Management solutions are cost-effective. From the energy source to the IT facility, PermianChain offers a full cycle and economic solution to operate blockchain servers, high-performance data centers and cloud infrastructure for invaluable datasets. Contact us to learn more about our DCM solutions.

Digital Conservation Solutions (DCS)

Conserve and Monetize Stranded Gas – PermianChain with its stakeholders and affiliates makes use of waste gas as a fuel source to generate electricity. The process allows operators to couple the electricity source into a containerized data center –a self-contained, secure modular electrical distribution data hub with cryptocurrency mining rigs.

How Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Mining works – Mining servers use up electricity to complete computer calculations for a fee. The servers use quite a bit of electricity to do the “work” for a “reward” which is received in the form of Bitcoin and deposited directly to a digital wallet. The way to make this exercise profitable is to generate electricity for as low of cost as possible. Contact us to learn more about our DGC solutions.

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