Asset Tokenization

Digitalizing the value of natural resources assets through a process called Tokenization. Tokenization allows for assets to be represented in a digital form as smart contracts on a blockchain network. The Tokenization process allows issuers and asset owners to issue a digital representation of their assets (i.e. securities, real estate, land, royalties, etc..) – similar to the traditional securitization process, but with blockchain-enabled functions that allow for instant settlement, reducing long-holding periods, instils transparency, and allows for digital automation of the entire transaction process. Streamlining direct investments.

Cryptocurrency Mining Management

Through our partners we provide cryptocurrency mining solutions to energy companies allowing them to make use of their natural energy sources to optimize revenues. Using excess natural energy sources (i.e. natural gas) to fuel power generators and provide significantly low-cost electricity to operate cryptocurrency mining farms.

Cloud Server Customization

A cost-effective and secured servers’ infrastructure to boost your cloud computing agility and efficiency. From the energy source to IT facility, PermianChain offers a full cycle and economic solution to operate cloud infrastructure for invaluable datasets.

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